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Single MOM Soldiers


Meet Chrissy


Entrepreneur, working and single mom and life coach

In my 24 years of motherhood, I have been a married mom, a working mom, a domestic violence survivor, a single mom...and currently a single, working mom! Each season brought GROWTH.

Although, I grew up a Christian by Religion...I am now a Christian in a relationship with Jesus Christ. The difference: Religion is law. Relationship is a life of JOY!

Previously I made life decisions based on emotion or circumstance. Today I pray and stand still for God to make them for me.

I created this site in hopes to encourage mother's and women of all ages, ethnicity, and persevere through the joys and challenges of life! I will share my tears, smiles and experiences with you that have taught me how to make it through the storms of life.


What My Clients Say


Christina is my mom away from home. I was introduced to her through her kids, and she instantly took me in as one of her own. When I needed her the most she was always there. From needing a place to live. Getting married. Finding out I was having my sweet baby girl. Meeting and losing the love of my life. Over the years of knowing her, she has never left my side. She is one of the best support systems I could’ve asked for in the best and worst times. 


Christina helped me with my resume in Sept 2021. After being with my former company for 10 years I was kind of at a loss as to what I could do to add to my resume. Christina sat with me and asked me various questions about the different tasks I did and took notes on all the information I provided her. Within a short time, she breathed a whole new life into my resume. I was nervous about going back into the job market but once I posted my updated resume, I got SO many calls to interview! I was able to actually CHOOSE which job I wanted and didn’t remotely feel like I had to settle. She brought out the best of me in that resume. Within 3 weeks I got an amazing job offer and accepted it. I now have a job I love with a higher salary than what I was making before. I strongly recommend using Christina for resume services!


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